Wellbeing Collection

The Wellbeing Collection is a set of research-based publications (both print and eBook) which provide support and advice for coping with a wide range of psychological and emotional issues which commonly affect students.

Accessing the collection

Print copies of items in The Wellbeing Collection are shelved in the Main Library. They have been brought together in a ResourceList so that they're easy to find:

Who can use the collection

The books can be accessed by any student at the University to read independently, or they can be recommended by a Counsellor or Wellbeing Advisor at 3 Elms Road as part of ongoing support sessions.  


If you need someone to talk to, please see Mental Health and Wellbeing.


The Collection has been made possible by a grant from the ‘Circles of Influence’ Alumni Impact Fund and the books have been chosen by the University Counselling Service.



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