Structure and service information

Structure of the service

Library Services is one of seven divisions within Academic Services. There are five departments within Library Services:

Our services

A range of services is available at library service points, including book loans, and help and advice in relation to our printed and electronic collections. We cater for people who come to the library in person and also provide a one-stop-shop service for online and telephone enquiries.

Our collections

Our printed collections are housed in the Main Library and five site libraries. An ever-growing electronic collection of resources – books, periodicals, databases - is available online. By continually investing in technology, facilities, resources and people, we aim to support the high quality research and learning environment that the University aspires to.

Support teams

Academic support teams work closely with colleagues in Colleges to provide the information resources and services required to meet the requirements to carry out learning, teaching and research throughout the University. 

Academic support team members carry out a range of tasks including collections development and management, information skills training whilst maintaining a liaison role with in colleges to receive feedback on current and proposed services and resources.

The Academic Skills Centre helps undergraduate students develop their academic writing and general academic skills.

The Digital and Technology Skills Team designs and deliver a wide range of courses and technology training solutions to meet the developmental needs of postgraduate students, teaching, research and admin staff.

Key contacts

 Facts about the Library

  • There are 1,139 student-use PCs in our libraries and managed study spaces across campus
  • The university libraries hold 2,029,899 catalogued books
  • The total number of study places in our libraries and centrally managed study spaces is 4,974
  • We hold over 200,000 pre-1850 books
  • We hold over 4 million manuscripts and archives
  • We add over 15,000 printed resources to our collection every year
  • In 2018/19 the Main Library issued 248,128 books
  • In 2018/19, our ejournals were used 6,691,082 times
  • In 2018/19, our ebooks were used 2,604,682 times
  • The new Main Library building opened in 2016 
  • Books donated to the Mason College Library over a century ago laid the foundations of the University Library


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