Process simplification - October 2019

From June to October 2019 StARS worked in detail with subject matter experts across Colleges, Schools and central Professional Services divisions to map the hundreds of student administration processes within the scope of the programme.

Over 300 maps were produced, detailing the current ways in which colleagues carry out processes ranging from bench fees to reasonable adjustment plans.

A large number of opportunities for improvements have been identified by colleagues along the way. The team is now in the process of identifying which processes to tackle first, working with stakeholders, based on what is likely to have the greatest impact. The approach will be to challenge the ways things are currently done, so that full advantage can be taken of the opportunities for simplification, standardisation, and to think about what can really make things better for students and staff.

We are also looking at where the opportunities exist for implementing “early wins” – improvements and simplifications that can be made without the need for technological changes. 

The intention is to develop the first set of processes in time to train and implement in spring 2020.


Professional Services