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Current service announcement

Pause@UoB have now resumed face-to-face support on campus and are also continuing to offer a telephone/virtual support service, please see information below.


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Need a space to talk about your feelings? Pause@UoB is here for you, providing a listening ear and offering space to explore any issues that may be causing you worries. 

Pause@UoB is a drop-in service, that was originally in The Library Lounge, and is now providing support both virtual through Zoom, face to face, and phone support. You can talk to us, wherever you are in the world. 

Available up to your 25th birthday, you can talk to one of our friendly team of qualified therapists, practitioners and trained volunteers.

Face to face support has now resumed on campus:

We offer a drop-in service to students (up to age 25) at The Lodge, - the building just adjacent to North Gate (past the Library). 

Our current opening hours are Tuesday-Thursday 11:00-17:00 (last drop in session 16.15). You can register when you arrive.

Telephone/Virtual Support:

We will also be continuing our phone and Zoom support. The service is available Monday-Friday, 11:00 – 17:00. You can register here.

Workshops and Groups

Pause@UoB also runs a full programme of workshops and acivities throughout the whole year, please click on the events section below for further details. 

We have Open House, every Wednesday, when you can drop in to The Lodge and take part in free arts and crafts activities. Free refreshments available all day. 

Come along any of the drop-in days to enjoy our lovely Wellbeing Garden.

Pause Lockdown Experiences


Wellbeing Boost

Have you been feeling anxious, low in mood or concerned about your mental health recently? Maybe you have been struggling for a while.

This one-off session for all levels of study (including 25+) will provide you with an awareness of some common mental health challenges. You will learn how to check your own wellbeing and learn where to go if you need more support. 

For further details and booking information visit Eventbrite.

Let's Read Together!

'Let's Read Together' is a relaxing group for University of Birmingham International Students wanting to connect with others to gain confidence speaking in English. We will be reading short poems and discussing our responses together in a supportive and non-judgemental space. Reading poetry together leads to rich discussion and all responses and opinions are valid! 

For further details and booking information visit Eventbrite.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Let Pause@UoB guide you through tips and strategies you can use to help you through periods of academic stress. 

For further details and booking information visit Eventbrite.

Journaling for Wellness

Journaling is a great way of focusing your thoughts and feelings, reflecting on your days, monitoring habits and tasks, and so much more. But it doesn't have to be boring, stale, time consuming or overwhelming. Join us for some idea that you can integrate into your life. 

For further details and booking information visit Eventbrite.

Fuel your Fire

An informative workshop aimed at improving wellbeing by looking at energy. Relying on tools to manage energy levels, particularly when life gets tough and practical ways to support an improved lifestyle with enhanced wellbeing. 

For further details and booking information visit Eventbrite.

Write for You!

Take a break from revision, relax for an hour of expressing yourself creatively through words. Just bring a pen, paper and curiosity to see where the written word will take you.

For further details and booking information visit Eventbrite.

Puzzle Trail at Winterbourne Gardens + Free Hot Drink

We at Pause have organised a puzzle trail at the beautiful Winterbourne Gardens for students at the University. This will be a great chance to meet new people and have fun as well as win great prizes and treats. This is for all students and you can attend by yourself or with friends as everyone will be put into teams. So come on down if you are free!

For further details and booking information visit Eventbrite.

Mandala Workshop 

Join Pause@UoB for an in-person Creative Workshop where you get the space to experience a sense of calm whilst drawing your own mandala. Mandalas are circular designs that may help evoke an inner focus and reduce anxiety. 

No art experience required. We will have all the art supplies you need, just bring yourself!

For further details and booking information visit Eventbrite.

Library Lounger Crafternoons

Pause. Create. Play. Relax.

Pause@UoB continue to offer "Library Lounge Crafternoons", Every Wednesday 1pm-3pm in the Library Lounge, Main Library. Drop-in, no booking required.

On the final week before the holidays, we will be offering Library Lounge crafts and creative activities on Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd, and Thursday 23rd of December from 11am-5pm.

Meet the team

Jane Thakoordin 

jane - Pause team memeber

Jane is Service Manager at Pause@UoB. Jane’s background is in social work and art therapies and has managed mental services across the city.  She has always been committed to ensuring people receive the best quality services and help, and is passionate about creativity and recovery.

Jacqueline Maloney 


Jacqueline is a Wellbeing Practitioner at Pause, she has a strong background in mental health and care, and has worked in a variety of settings since 2005, including disability and empowerment, addiction and concurrent disorders, violence against women,  dementia and long-term care. Jacqueline’s interests include counselling, she enjoys helping people unpack their experience and interpretation of things and find ways to better navigate the world.

Rebekah Woodhouse 

Rebekah - Pause team memeber

Rebekah is a Wellbeing Practitioner at Pause, she enjoys meeting and supporting students and hearing about their studies. Rebekah is also interested in spirituality's impact on emotional wellbeing, as well as the effect of cross-cultural transitions.

Ellyse Rafferty 

ellyse - Pause team member

Ellyse is a Wellbeing Practitioner at Pause, her interests are making mental health as much of a priority as physical health and suicide prevention. In her spare time Ellyse also enjoys crocheting.

Alice Miller 

Alice Pause team member

Alice is a Wellbeing Practitioner at Pause,  she enjoys meeting new students and hearing about their university experiences. Alice is an advocate for ensuring that everyone has access to the appropriate support, regardless of who they are and where they come from.

Zarina Hayes


Zarina is a Wellbeing Practitioner at Pause she has a background in Youth Work and is a qualified Play Therapist. She is very passionate about her work empowering students to make informed decisions and positive changes in their lives and promoting creative ways of doing this. She enjoys nature and being outdoors.

Naomi Thompson 

Naomi is the Clinical Team Manager with Pause @UoB and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of working in mental health services to the team. She thinks it’s really important that whilst we try to maintain positive mental health, that we also consider our physical health and how we treat our bodies. She is  particularly interested in how our diet and physical activities can affect our mood and wellbeing, and promoting awareness of how the food and substances we put into our body can also affect our thoughts and feelings.

More about Forward Thinking Birmingham

Forward Thinking Birmingham is the provider of mental health services for people up to the age of 25 in Birmingham.  The service offers support, care and treatment, making it easier for you to access the right support at the right time.  It is a partnership of organisations that have come together to support children, young people and families in Birmingham, and also works closely with the voluntary and community sector.

More about The Children's Society

The Children’s Society changes the lives of the country’s most disadvantaged children and teenagers by delivering frontline support services and campaigning for change. It works closely with a wide range of community and voluntary organisations to tackle poverty and neglect and is a lead researcher in the field of children’s emotional well-being.




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