Exploring Generative AI: Practice Sharing Session

Tuesday 25 June 2024 (12:00-14:00)


Generative AI

This session offers an opportunity to hear about and discuss five institutional projects, funded through the Education Enhancement Fund, which are exploring the use of Generative AI (GAI) at the University of Birmingham. Project teams will share their progress on these commissioned projects, which have the overarching aim of developing resources and strategies for equipping staff with the knowledge and skills to use GAI effectively within teaching, learning, assessment and support at our institution. There will be an opportunity to feed into the discussion around these projects (listed below) and to make a contribution to their development.

GAI Resilient Assessment: Lisa Coulson, Sam Crutchley
The project will have an emphasis on projects and dissertations, including marking criteria and GAI in formative feedback.

GAI for Enhanced Learning Gain: Mike Stanford, Michael Grove
The project will explore the use of GAI to improve student support and feedback in helping scaffold student learning.

Developing Staff Capability in GAI use: Alison Gibson, Jerry Pritchard
The project will develop GAI literacy and capability in UoB staff.

Developing GAI case studies: Gabi Witthaus, Melanie Roxby-Mackey, Kamilya Suleymenova, Mary Dawood.
The project will focus on the development of a (transferable) framework for facilitating the capture and sharing of good practice and resources on using GAI in teaching, learning and assessment.

Enhancing Graduate Attributes in a GAI-enabled world: Matt Edwards, Sarah Montano, Natalie Partridge, Simone Clewes, Helen Hook
The project will explore using GAI to recognise, develop and benchmark graduate skills and attributes.

Lunch will be provided

**Please note that this session is for anyone who teaches at the University of Birmingham, but is not open to externals. This event is only available in person.

Date: Tuesday 23rd April OR Tuesday 25th June 
Number of places available: 50
Facilitators: Sarah King and Michael Grove

Should you have any questions or queries in advance, please contact Sarah King or Michael Grove.


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