DevelopOurCollection@Bham is a pilot scheme for Professional Services staff to drive collection development in Library Services in key areas of activity.

If you are a member of Professional Services staff, you can use our DevelopOurCollection@Bham service to request that the Library purchase a book to support your career development, help diversify our collection, assist with the Sustainability agenda, or enhance our Wellbeing offer.

Our four pillars

  1. CPD (Continuing Professional Development): to support all Professional Services staff at the University by increasing our provision of books for CPD.
  2. EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion): to diversify the collection and increase the range of books we stock by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, LGBTQ+, neurodiverse, and disabled authors. 
  3. Sustainability: to assist with the University’s commitment to Sustainability in its operations.
  4. Wellbeing: to enhance our Wellbeing offer by making available more Wellbeing titles.

How to make a recommendation

  • You must be a member of staff working in Professional Services to request an item through DevelopOurCollection@Bham. We have a separate process for academic staff, and students should use MoreBooks@Bham.
  • Only books can be requested. Journal subscriptions are not included.
  • Please check FindIt@Bham to see if we have the item first.
  • Place a request using our online form.
  • Please submit one form for each item.
  • Ebooks will be purchased by default unless unavailable in electronic format or prohibitively expensive.
  • Only the latest editions of books will be purchased.
  • Only a single copy of a book will be purchased. If you wish to discuss a more substantial request, please contact us
  • Occasionally, if a book is prohibitively expensive or unavailable from our suppliers, we will be unable to purchase it. You may wish to make an inter-library loan request in that scenario.
  • Please note that the Library supports teaching, learning, and research. We do not have a leisure reading collection. If you wish to read for leisure, public libraries have a wide range of fiction and poetry that you can borrow.
  • We regret that we are unable to purchase multiple copies of books for book clubs or reading groups.

After placing a request

  • We aim to process your request within 15 working days.
  • Ebooks are usually made available within 48 hours from the time of ordering.
  • Print books are usually available within two to six weeks from the time of ordering in the UK, or three to six weeks in Dubai. You will be notified by an automated email when a print book has been receipted.

Privacy policy

The data collected on this form will be processed in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. Please contact Library Services if you have any queries or need to change or amend your details.


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