Wondrous Wander: North Gate to Gough Road via the Story of Ida B Wells

North Gate
Tuesday 21 May 2024 (17:00-18:45)

Edward Shelley



07973 865889


Join us for an informative and social commute on foot from North Gate, through the Vale, onwards to Gough Road, Edgbaston. 

Experts from the Black Heritage Walks Network will be sharing the story of Ida B Wells, an African American woman who travelled to Britain to campaign against slavery, racism and lynching from the 1830s to the late 1890s.

She was a journalist, criminologist, activist, author, a social reformer and an inspirational figure. American, Black and female, Ida B Wells captured the hearts and minds of her UK counterparts because of her ardent campaigns for Social Justice and education for all.

Meeting time: 5pm at North Gate to start walking at 10 past. The walk will take approximately 75 minutes so expect to arrive at Gough Road at about 6:30pm with time for questions. 

If you live locally you can continue to walk home. For those further afield, take the buses from the Bristol Road for your onward journey, or head to Five Ways train station.

The Black Heritage Walks Network was set up in 2018 to highlight the achievements of the African Caribbean community in the UK. The heritage walks offer a great opportunity to enjoy some exercise and fresh air, while also developing an understanding of local place, and community.

Commuting by foot lets you interact with your surroundings like no other daily journey--you can see the seasons change, cross paths with neighbours, and sense the places and communities you pass. This special event lends a unique opportunity to learn a hidden story near campus and connect with colleagues. 

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