Statement regarding pay deductions following industrial action

Our priorities are to protect student learning, particularly given the significant disruption that young people have faced during the pandemic, and to ensure that students and staff can continue to fully participate in campus life.  The University has been clear in communications with staff that, as is standard practice, any member of staff who chooses to take strike action will be deducted at the rate of 100% pay for each day they choose to strike.  For Action Short of Strike (ASOS) which is working to contract, staff will be paid as normal and there will not be any withholding of pay provided that staff continue to work their contracted hours and duties, prioritising lost learning where relevant.  However, we will commence withholding of pay at the rate of 50% for ASOS which involves partial performance of duties in relation to not rescheduling classes and lectures that are cancelled due to strike action or removing or not sharing materials with students related to those cancelled sessions. We are grateful to the majority of staff who will do everything they can to support our students through any period of strike action.


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