Free utilities on Campus

A non-exhaustive list of the areas where you can find water fountains to fill up your water bottle and access kitchens, microwaves and hot (and cold) water taps:

  • Old Gym - water fountains outside toilets on lower ground and ground floor 
  • Main Library - water fountains outside toilets on every floor. Hot (and cold) water tap in Library Lounge 
  • Teaching and Learning Building - water fountains on every floor. Hot water (and cold) tap in mezzanine and second floor 
  • Law Building - water fountains available 
  • Frankland Building - water fountains by the lifts 
  • Ashley Building - water fountain on the ground floor to the right of the lift
  • Multi-faith Chaplaincy - water fountain available and microwave (as well as free teas, coffees, hot chocolate and fridge)
  • Orchard Learning Resource Centre (OLRC) - water fountain by the reception desk 
  • Chemical Engineering Building - water fountains in Atrium on the first floor 
  • Aston Webb - microwave and hot water tap in study area
  • Alan Waters Building - microwave and hot (and cold) water tap in study area 
  • The Guild Reception - mirowave available 
  • New Engineering Building - water fountains on levels 1-3 outside of toilets (please note, this is only for Engineering students who have access to this building)
  • Hills Building - kitchen on ground floor with microwave, kettle and taps 


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