Blog: Hannah's go-to study spaces on campus

Written by Student Content Shaper Hannah Dodd

Hey everyone! Hannah here, one of your Student Content Shapers. We’re all back into the flow of things with our studies, meaning it’s time to get our heads down.

For me personally, working from home can be difficult. With flat mates moving around and the TV waiting downstairs, it’s so easy to get distracted.

There are lots of study spaces on campus where you can get your head down and focus. In this blog, I’ve picked out my top five study spaces at UoB. Maybe you’ll discover somewhere new!

Gisbert Kapp: The Link

My all-time favourite! Located in Gisbert Kapp (by 52 Pritchatts Road) The Link is a spacious, well-lit study space. There are multiple seating options from standard desks, rounded sofas, computers, and even little pods to get comfy in. It’s the perfect spot for your next group study date. Feeling a bit peckish? Not to worry, because Café 52 is right downstairs, serving up Food Fellows goodies.

Teaching and Learning

Located right next to the library, we have the Teaching and Learning building. You may attend lectures and seminars here, but there’s also a variety of study spaces on every single floor. If you’re looking for a quiet but still low-level chat study space, this is the one for you. If you’re planning on staying until it closes at 22:00, then don’t forget to have your ID card on you. There are also plenty of places for you to fill up your water bottle, including some hot water taps. The only downside: how on earth do you walk up those stairs?!

 hannah 1

J G Smith Building

If you’re looking for a much quieter study space then get down to J G Smith (behind Muirhead Tower). With study spaces on the ground and first floor, this is definitely a campus hidden gem. To top it off, it’s open from 07:30-19:30 and has a combined 185 study spaces. What’s not to love? If you’re not sure which rooms are study spaces, look out for the blue logo on the door.

 Study Space low res

Aston Webb

Why not take advantage of our gorgeous campus buildings by taking a visit to Aston Webb? Holding two different study spaces (one in the Great Hall block LG04 and one in C block), it’s a great way to mix up your study location. Both spaces also have a microwave and hot and cold water taps. When I find the hustle and bustle of the library too much, I find this a great study spot to hide away in. If you need to take a break, the Bramall Music Building next door has a Food Fellows Café to grab some drinks or a snack.

Aston Webb study LG04 

The Main Library

It may be predictable but it’s a classic! The UoB Main Library has a variety of study spaces depending on what you need. From silent study rooms to group study tables, the Main Library allows you to switch up your study. It comes equipped with all your study essentials. There are plenty of computers and printers dotted around the floors. If you’re struggling with an essay, why not visit the Academic Skills Centre! If you’re feeling hungry, be aware that you can’t take food in most of the areas, but you can bring your own food to eat in the Library Café, the Library Lounge, and the Wolfson Room.

As important as it is to stay on top on your studies, it’s also important to look after yourself. Remember to take plenty of breaks and try getting some physical activity in your day. I hope this helped. Happy studying everyone!

For an updated list of opening times, check out our Study Spaces section on the Student Intranet.


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