Have you set up Multi-Factor Authentication?

How to set up MFA on Android and iOS devices

A reminder that multi-factor authentication (MFA) is now required on all student accounts at the University. MFA provides an extra layer of security on top of your username and password so that no one else can access your accounts, such as emails and the MyUoB app, even if they know your password.

If you use internet banking services or social media, it's highly likely that you already use MFA (sometimes known as two-factor authentication/2FA). If you use the student Remote Computer Labs service here at the University, you’ll already use your student MFA account.

When logging in to your account, you'll be asked to provide an extra piece of information. This will be something that only you can access, such as a code sent to your mobile phone via text message (SMS) or voicemail or created by an authenticator app on your smartphone.

If you haven’t set up MFA yet

You need to register your account with MFA. You only need to do this set up once.

The first time you access an MFA enabled service, you will be guided through the process of what you need to do. Just follow the simple instructions on screen. You can also watch the How to Set Up MFA video.

 When setting up MFA, you can choose a number of verification methods including text message (SMS), or voice message on your mobile phone, but for the most secure method and for the best experience, we strongly recommend downloading the Microsoft Authenticator app to your smartphone.

If you don’t have a smartphone, don’t worry, you can still use MFA; just select phone and choose whether you want your sign-in code to be sent to you via text (SMS) or voice message.

You can change or add verification methods at any time, and it is a good idea to have at least one alternative verification method set up.

Once you have set up MFA and chosen your preferred methods of authenticating, you will be prompted every 14 days to use one of these methods to access University services online.

​​​​​​​To register an alternative authentication method, go to https://mysignins.microsoft.com/security-info and sign in with your University email address and password.

On the My Sign Ins page, select ‘Security Info’ from the left-hand menu and click ‘Add sign-in method’

Choose you preferred verification method and follow the on-screen instructions.

Further help

You can find more information about MFA in our Multi-factor authentication FAQs.

If you have any issues setting up MFA then please contact the IT Service Desk.

You can also find more advice about cyber security in our how to stay safe online knowledge guide.


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