You can now access the exam timetable for supplementary exams on your MyUoB app

From today (Wednesday 27 July), if you have been offered a supplementary assessment, you can now view your personalised exam timetable on the MyUoB app (through the ‘Personal Exam Timetable’ tile). You can also access this using a web browser.

The Supplementary exam period will run from Monday 15 August to Saturday 27 August 2022.

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Issues with your exam timetable

Technical Issues

If you experience any technical issues with accessing the MyUoB app, please contact the IT Service Desk via phone (0121 414 7171) or the web

Examples of this could be,

  • You are unable to log into the MyUoB app to view your exam timetable
  • You are receiving an error message
  • The app or web page is not loading.

Exam Timetable issues

If you experience any non-technical issues with your personal exam timetables, please contact your School Office

Examples of this could be,

  • You are not seeing all your exams.
  • You believe you should be taking different exams to ones shown on your timetable.

For information and details about your supplementary examinations, please visit the examinations web pages where from Wednesday 27 July, examination timetable information will be available.

UoBe Ready

We know exams can be daunting but try not to worry. You’ve got this but we’re here to help. Check out our UoBe Ready page on the student intranet for helpful resources, tools, information and advice so you are #UoBeReady for assessments. 


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