A new and easy way to reset your University password

Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) allows you to reset your password if you've forgotten it or need to unlock your account without visiting the IT Service Desk. This means you can quickly get back into your account any time of day or night, from wherever you are.

How does SSPR work?

SSPR works by confirming your identity using the details you already have registered for multi-factor authentication (MFA). The service requires two-step verification, so you'll need to have registered at least two different ways of authenticating before you can use the service. For example, your mobile telephone number or personal email address. 

This must be done within 14 days. If it’s not updated within this time, you'll not be able to sign into your account until this has been done.

Use the Self Service Password Reset service at any time, from on or off campus.

Need to update your password?

If you already know your password but just need to update it, click here and select change password.

New University rules for stronger and more secure passwords

When choosing a new password, it must now be at least 14 characters long, but no longer needs to include capital letters, numbers or special characters.

Further information

Further guidance on how to use SSPR can be found here.


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