Abdullah's Story

Hey everyone! 

My name is Abs, originally Iraqi but from London. I love going to the gym, playing football and gaming (only occasionally because adult life gets in the way). I also love music, good food, socialising and meeting new people. I’m always up to having a good time! 

Abdullah's Story

Currently, I'm studying for an MSc in Physiotherapy. I wanted to study this course as it heavily aligns with my personality and values. I also find the idea of having a big and positive impact on someone’s quality of life incredible and immensely rewarding. I came to the University of Birmingham as it has a beautiful and outstanding campus, it is very diverse in terms of people and cultures, and it is also ranked 1st in the UK for Physiotherapy which is pretty impressive! 

Journey to Birmingham 

I secured multiple internships and volunteering opportunities during my undergraduate years at Brunel University London studying Sport, Health, and Exercise Sciences. This included personal training, strength and conditioning coaching, and being on a sports club committee. These opportunities helped significantly with my professional growth and opened my eyes to the range of career ideas and opportunities out there. I was somewhat nervous before coming as it was a new environment and taking on a course that is relatively a lot more clinical and heavier in nature compared to my previous degree.

Term 1 was quite difficult as I was very attached to my previous university and campus lifestyle I had, and having to leave my parents alone in London again was not particularly easy. But over time, I started building networks, socialising, and taking part in different activities and societies which allowed me to settle in and feel like I am part of the University of Birmingham – part of UoB.

Life in Birmingham 

Studying at UoB has been a very eye-opening experience for me, re-emphasising the importance of jumping out of my comfort zone and being adaptable. I have also been really enjoying my course and am very glad I made the decision to study such a powerful and inspiring course subject. 

On the contrary, one thing I found quite overwhelming was the study demands of my course which I struggled with due to the lack of direction I experienced. In addition, the dynamics of my course were very different to what I’d previously experienced, from my previous course, so I needed to adjust to many new settings. However, over time I felt like I have adapted quite well to this obstacle through planning my weeks, setting priority lists, and working collaboratively with my coursemates to make sense of our learning and practice together with each other. 

My advice to any current or prospective student is to really jump out of your comfort zone and socialise with as many people as possible. Joining new sports and societies is a great way to begin this – luckily, we have many student groups where you can enjoy a hobby and meet like-minded people. There are also so many opportunities to do part-time work on campus, some of which even include scholarships where you can represent your college, which I was fortunate to secure a role doing so. 

Another massive thing for me is self-care and developing a new healthy routine which includes adequate exercise, nutrition, and 8 eight hours of sleep per night. Sticking to a routine like so is beyond vital to keep your health and mind in a stable status that can help you deal with any difficulties or struggles you might face during your time at university. 

As I stand at the threshold of a new chapter, I'm filled with gratitude for the incredible experiences and friendships forged in this city. Birmingham isn't just a place of learning; it's a place where I've been equipped with a set of skills and knowledge to try and make a positive impact on people's lives. And for that, I'll forever be grateful. So here's to the journey ahead.

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