Therapeutic Support

The Mental Health and Wellbeing team is staffed by an experienced team of therapeutic practitioners, and will offer you a safe and confidential space in which to explore the difficulties you may be facing and will help you develop effective strategies to overcome them. You don't need a mental health diagnosis in order to access the service.

However, if you experience any of the following, please do not register with the Mental Health and Wellbeing service; instead please access our urgent mental health support information:

Registering with Mental Health and Wellbeing

To register with the Mental Health and Wellbeing service please complete the registration form ensuring that you have read the information above and understand the eligibility criteria.  If you are not based in the U.K, please email and we will send you an alternative link.

If you need any assistance completing the form please email or speak to your Wellbeing Officer who can help you complete it.  

You must provide details of your registered GP when you register with our service. We cannot process your registration until we have this information, so failure to provide it will delay your registration. If you do not have a GP, you can find and register with your local GP.

I have registered - what happens next?

Once you have submitted your registration form, you will receive a confirmation email that we have received it. We will then read and triage your registration form and you will receive an email telling you what service you have been allocated to and giving support available/useful resources to use while you wait for an appointment. 

You will be triaged in one of the following ways:

I have been allocated to a Therapeutic Practitioner or Counsellor

You will receive to 5 ongoing therapeutic / Counselling sessions with either an in-house Practitioner or a Counsellor provided by our partnership provider, Randstad. These can be online or face-to face-depending on your preference and you will see the same person for all 5 sessions unless you want to change for any reason. 

We aim to have a first appointment offered within 30 working days of registration. Find out more about what working with a Therapeutic Practitioner involves.

I have been invited for a High Risk Assessment

If we are concerned from the information provided in your registration form that there is significant risk of harm then we will invite you for a High Risk Assessment (HRA), within 7 working days of your registration, to discuss your support needs and refer to any appropriate services. 

I have been referred to UBHeard

You may be referred to UBHeard for 24/7 Counselling support and a mental health consultation for assessment for ongoing Solution Focussed Support sessions.

UBHeard is a confidential listening and support service for all registered students (undergraduate and postgraduate) which gives you immediate emotional and mental health support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Visit the UBHeard portal.


Please be aware of the following ahead of registering for therapeutic support with Mental Health and Wellbeing: 

Appointments FAQ

Appointments FAQ - please read ahead of your appointment.

I am on a leave of absence

Unfortunately we are unable to work with students on a Leave of Absence however you can register for support with External Services and then contact us once you have returned from your Leave of Absence.

I am living / studying abroad

If you are a student studying abroad or a student who lives abroad and studies online and you require mental health and wellbeing services, please contact UBHeard, or your local GP/psychological services for support; your local university/study abroad contact may also help and advise you. We also have Self Help Guides & apps and online resources  which may be of benefit to you, and we will where possible support the Study Abroad team and university partners to support you. 


Please provide as much availability as you can so that we can try to allocate you as quickly as possible. We endeavour to offer appointments within your preferred availability however where this is not possible we will offer you alternative appointment times which you can choose to attend or instead use the 24/7 service UBHeard at a time of your convenience. 

I am already working with a therapist

It is not advised to work with more than one therapist at the same time. If you are already receiving psychological support from another agency we will ask you to re-register with Mental health and Wellbeing Service once that support has finished. 

I require Extenuating Circumstances evidence

We can only consider providing Extenuating Circumstances (EC) evidence after working with you for a minimum of two sessions and at discretion of the Practitioner you are seeing.

I am an externally registered student

Unfortunately, we cannot offer ongoing sessions with externally registered students. However, you can access support through external services.

I require evening appointments

Please note that evening appointments are available but only online. Face-to-face appointments are available Monday - Friday between 08:30 and 17:00 (last appointment starting at 16:00).

UBHeard is available 24/7 for mental health support.

I have a concern or complaint about the Service

If you do have a concern with any aspect of your contact with us, there are several steps you can take. We'll always endeavour to handle this concern appropriately, with your wellbeing as our main priority.

  • To begin with, try to talk to your Practitioner. They'll always be willing to look at the reasons for your concerns and will try to explore ways in which matters can be resolved. Please don’t worry about offending them – they'll be more than prepared to think about what might need to change in order to make your sessions more productive or to solve the issue that you've raised.
  • If talking to your Practitioner doesn’t resolve matters for you, you can write to the Head of Student Wellbeing and Therapeutic Support Sue Dalton-Knight with your concern at Aston Webb Student Services Hub, University of Birmingham B15 2TT.
  • If you have been seeing Sue, you may write to the Assistant Director Student Services (Wellbeing & Partnerships), Drew Linforth at the same address. Your concern will be acknowledged within 5 working days, and you'll receive a full response within 2 weeks of receipt of your concern.
  • After this, if you feel that your concern has still not been resolved, you can contact Drew Linforth, Assistant Director Student Services (Wellbeing & Partnerships) c/o Aston Webb Student Services Hub, University of Birmingham B15 2TT







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