Defer your exams

There are two ways you may be able to defer your exams.

For both exam periods (main and supplementary) you may be able to defer your exams because of extenuating circumstances. In this instance, please see the Code of Practice on Extenuating Circumstances.

If the above does not apply and you have a large number of exams during the supplementary exam period, you may be able to defer your exams if it is academically advisable to do so. To do this, you will need to contact your School/Department who will complete a learning recovery contract for you to defer your assesments. 

This request will be passed to a member of the Taught Student Administration (TSA) team who will then process the application and notify the Finance Office and Student Finance England (if applicable). Please be advised that until email confirmation is received from this office stating the application has been successful, you must assume that your supplementary assessments should still be taken in the specified period. 

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