Here you'll find the policies and guidance related to Equality and Diversity for our UK campuses. These documents and practices enable us to ensure we're doing our best to make students feel safe, comfortable and able to be themselves. 

Fairness and Diversity Policy

  • This document is our overarching  Equality policy.
  • It sets out the legal responsibilities of the University and its members. 

View Fairness and Diversity Policy (PDF, 376 Kb)

Harassment and Bullying Policy

  • This document outlines the University's position on unacceptable behaviour. 
  • It describes the process for staff and students wishing to make a complaint.
  • It also provides information on our support services for staff and students. 

View Harassment and Bullying Policy (PDF, 456 Kb)

Guidance on supporting transgender staff and students

  • This document provides advice and support for students and staff who identify as transgender or non-binary. 
  • It also provides guidance for their peers, colleagues and managers. 
  • We are currently working on a new dedicated Gender Identity Support guidance for students. 

View Guidance on supporting transgender staff and students document (PDF,  372 Kb)

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