Blog: 3 reasons to get involved with UoB Xtra

Written by Student Content Shaper Yael Sacker 

With assignment season almost behind us, it’s time to get involved and try something new.

This year, the University is helping us to make the most of summer on campus, with UoB Xtra. The brand-new packed programme of free events and activities, created through student feedback, runs from the 3- 21 of June. Here are my three reasons on why I'm looking forward to getting involved and why you should too!

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It’s a chance to learn something new!

During UoB Xtra, there’s an opportunity to learn something new almost every day! From tours around the Lapworth Museum to exploring the Cadbury Research Reserve, the programme offers so many ways to expand your knowledge and learn some new fun facts.

Personally, I will be attending the free “Women in the Archive” exhibit at Winterbourne, an exploration of the lives of ordinary women throughout history. For me, the chance to look through the archives of Winterbourne is too good to miss. I can’t wait to uncover some hidden gems there.

But that’s not all. While UoB Xtra is a great way to educate yourself on new topics, it’s also an amazing opportunity to learn some valuable life skills (ones that’ll look great on your CV!).

So, I’m going to attend the Youth Mental Health First Aid awareness course to help me better understand the issues facing young people and get the skills I need to help. It’s a just three-hour session and you get a certificate after attending. There will be several workshops running throughout June, so you can easily attend a session!

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It’s a chance to connect and gain experience for your future!

As well as being an opportunity to learn something new, UoB Xtra is a great way to form some lasting connections!

As a postgrad, UoB Xtra gives me the chance to challenge myself by taking part in the Master’s Consultancy Challenge, an opportunity to solve a real problem an employer is facing. This programme is sure to push me out of my comfort zone and allow me to make some lasting connections with employers and other postgrad students.

Whether it’s with potential employers, alumni, or other students, UoB Xtra is such a great opportunity to make some new connections in a relaxed setting, while also gaining valuable insight into the working world. It’s an opportunity that can’t be missed!

It’s a chance to relax.

Finally, and most importantly, UoB Xtra is a chance to relax and unwind, either alone or with friends. Something well deserved after all the hard work we’ve done.

There are many activities to help you relax after assessment season. I’m especially excited about the outdoor cinema. This will take place on the Green Heart throughout the first week of June. From 3-9pm, it’s an opportunity to watch a film or two with some popcorn, while the sun sets behind Old Joe. It’s the perfect end to the term and I can’t wait to head over there with my picnic blanket and watch one of the many films on offer.

As a postgrad, my work isn’t over yet. While I will make sure I have time to take part in as many activities as possible, I still need to write my dissertation. This is a big task, so to make sure I can stay calm, I will be attending the Creative guided relaxation with Pause. This will be a chilled opportunity to learn some good mindfulness techniques to help me through the final stages of my degree. I think it’s just what I need to relax.

Whether you want to learn, connect, or relax, UoB Xtra has something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Take your university experience to the next level. I can’t wait to see you there! 


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