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The Electronic Theses Online System (EThOS) offers free access to the full text of UK theses. 

  • It provides free access to the research contained in doctoral theses 
  • Offers a one-stop electronic shop for all UK doctoral theses 
  • Digitises theses on request into PDF format 

When you require a doctoral thesis from another UK based HE Institution you should check EThOS to either download a thesis already digitised or to request a UK thesis be supplied to you. There will not normally be any charge to you for downloading the thesis, depending on the supplying institution's policy.


You will need to register to use the service, providing a valid email address and password. Once registered, you can use the online ordering and tracking system direct from EThOS to manage your requests including checking the status of your requests.

You will not normally need to supply any interlibrary loan forms as you will deal direct with EThOS.

However, some theses cannot be supplied by EThOS, and you may be directed to a specific institution for a conventional direct loan of a thesis. Interlibrary loan forms would then be required.

Available formats

Theses can be made available to you in several formats i.e. on paper, CD or DVD. A fee is payable by you for this added value service using a valid credit card.

Getting help

  • See Tracing theses 
  • If you are unable to trace a thesis through EThOS, use the "Help" option at EThOS.
  • For non-UK based doctoral theses you will need to place an interlibrary loan request in the normal way.  
  • Interlibrary loan procedures for other types of request from the British Library (articles or books for example) will remain the same.
  • Find out more about EThOS.


If you are a Birmingham Alumni with a PhD we encourage you to make an electronic copy of your thesis available more widely on the web via the University’s own eTheses repository


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