Exam related forms

Dictionary approval letter

If your first language is not English, you may be permitted to use a dictionary during your exam. Find out more about when you may use a dictionary in an exam.

Overseas exam request form

You may be permitted to take supplementary assessments in your home country, if you are classified as ‘overseas for fee purposes’ or are an EU student who is a resident of a country outside the UK. Find out more about overseas exams.

Religious Observance form

If you are unable to sit an exam on a particular date because of religious observance please complete the Religious Observance form by the deadline. Please visit the 'Religious Observance' intranet page for more information.

Temporary exam arrangements form

If you have a temporary disability, such as a break or sprain, you can request alternative arrangements for your exam. For more information about applying please visit the 'Temporary disability' intranet page.

Learning Recovery Contract form (exam deferral)

If you have a large number of exams during the supplementary exam period, you may be able to defer your exams. For more information please vist the 'Defer your exams' intranet page.


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