Peer Enrichment of Teaching

Peer Enrichment of Teaching (PET):

  • The main aims of PET are to give both the observer and observee the opportunity to enhance the quality of their teaching practice and to encourage the dissemination of good practice.
  • All academics involved in teaching are observed and observe on a regular and systematic basis.
  • It is ultimately the responsibility of the Head of School to ensure that the School has a PET process in place and that it is properly implemented.
  • The use of the normal peer enrichment of teaching process for appraisal or promotion is strictly disallowed.
  • The process of PET requires a pre-meeting, the observation, and post-observation feedback and reflection.
  • Examples of good practice from teaching observations should be shared across the School and / or College using information on the proforma with the consent of the observee.

More Information on each of these bullet points can be found in the Guidelines below:

Peer Enrichment of Teaching Guidelines

UQAC template: Compliance with Guidelines

Forms / Documentation for PET

Suggested University of Birmingham form


More detailed University of Birmingham forms

Option 1: Open categories form

Option 2: Checklist approach

Option 3: Assessment and feedback

PGCertHE Teaching Observation forms from HEFi

Teaching observation: Pre-observation statement

Teaching observation: Report form

Teaching observation: Post-observation evaluation

Generic form for post-observation discussion and reflection

Generic form for good practice worthy of wider dissemination


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