Introduction to Learning and Teaching (ILT001)


This introductory course considers both practical and theoretical approaches to teaching and learning. It examines how students learn and also focuses on how the diverse natures of our students affect our teaching activities.

  • Suitable as an introduction or refresher to all.
  • Must be taken by all PGTAs who teach (before they start), to be followed by one more ILT session of their choice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and understand some key aspects of the higher education context in which they will be teaching or providing academic support
  • Consider some general approaches to teaching and supporting learning, and how they might apply these to different teaching contexts
  • Begin to explore practical approaches to teaching and providing academic support
  • Recognise the increasingly diverse student community; consider how this impacts on everyday teaching and on our responsibilities towards  supporting students

What participants have told us:

- "You made me think more deeply about my own teaching and learning approaches".

- "ILT001 really helps and serves as good preparatory training for teaching in the University of Birmingham and anywhere teaching and learning takes place in the world".

- "This course was really well structured and as someone who has no previous experience with teaching, I feel the resources provided have made me a lot more confident for when I do start teaching". 

Format and Requirements

All our courses are available on-line, so that you can take them at a time that suits you, from wherever you are based, and will have access to the materials throughout  your time at the UoB.

You are required to spend up to three hours working through an ILT. Your participation will only be registered after you completed the course, and you have actively contributed to the discussion task. Your deadline is the end of the month that you have been registered. If you were registered in the last week of a month, then the end of the next month is your deadline. Each academic year you will be able to participate in our ILT courses from the beginning of September until the end of June. 

We have aimed to make the Canvas courses as accessible as possible but that we will also be happy to provide material in alternative formats; just let us know what you need. 


 To request a place please complete the online booking form.

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