Teaching International Students (ILT009)


This course considers some of the issues and benefits of teaching groups from diverse cultural backgrounds in the UK higher education setting. Specific content includes ways in which various culture-based practices and beliefs might influence behaviours in the classroom and an introduction to current trends in UK higher education relating to cultural diversity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Consider the multicultural context to teaching at UoB and its relationship to equality and diversity legislation
  • Be aware of the strategies we can employ to deliver an inclusive learning experience and the support services available to international students
  • Consider the delivery of enquiry-based learning within a multicultural context
  • Be more skilled and confident to teach effectively in the University’s multicultural environment

What participants have told us:

- "I have found the written guides very useful. They are good reference booklets that can support us when preparing a class after meeting international students for the first time".

-"I have found this course very interesting as it considers not only the needs of students but also educators". 

- "ILT009 complements nicely with ILT003 Small group teaching and ILT004 Introduction to assessment and feedback".

- "I am happy I took this course. Apart from confirming once more that I am on the right path, I have been able to learn new approaches that help in understanding different challenges encountered by international students, as well as useful strategies, that better respond to the needs of these students. This course perfectly complements  ILT 002- Laboratory-based small groups".

- "As a native English speaker, I'm really glad I took this course to help me realise just how much more difficult learning can be for international students."

- "This module really resonates with my personal learning experience (i.e., being an international student). It is important to know that there are people to support you and you are not alone".

Format and Requirements

All our courses are available on-line, so that you can take them at a time that suits you, from wherever you are based, and will have access to the materials throughout  your time at the UoB.

You are required to spend up to three hours working through an ILT. Your participation will only be registered after you completed the course, and you have actively contributed to the discussion task. Your deadline is the end of the month that you have been registered. If you were registered in the last week of a month, then the end of the next month is your deadline. Each academic year you will be able to participate in our ILT courses from the beginning of September until the end of June. 

Note that we have aimed to make the Canvas courses as accessible as possible but that we will also be happy to provide material in alternative formats; just let us know what you need.


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