Teaching with Digital Tools (ILT005)


We believe that good teaching can happen with and without technology. We also believe that living in the digital age brings opportunities to think about digital tools and how they can be put to best use.

This course is not about teaching remotely, nor is it a guide on how to use technology. The focus is on effective ways of teaching with digital tools. It also includes links to guides on how to use these tools practically, so that you can use the technology effectively once you have decided on how they can be used to achieve your students' learning outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session you will be more equipped to teach well using digital means. That is because the learning outcomes are:

  • be able to discuss the differences between face-to-face and online teaching
  • be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of synchronous and asynchronous teaching
  • be able to link learning theories to digital teaching methods
  • explain the importance of inclusive online teaching
  • be able to locate and start using the UoB digital tools for teaching in appropriate ways

What participants have told us:

"There is so much helpful information which is useful in my teaching context. Thanks for designing such an interesting course." 

"I enjoyed the course and found the information extremely useful and practical, it will also be a course that I will refer back to."

"This was worthwhile – really interesting and stimulating considering the era or state of global education currently."

"I enjoyed it and it provides a wide 'toolkit' to improve the use of digital technologies for teaching."

Format and Requirements

All our courses are available on-line, so that you can take them at a time that suits you, from wherever you are based, and will have access to the materials throughout  your time at the UoB.

You are required to spend up to three hours working through an ILT. Your participation will only be registered after you completed the course, and you have actively contributed to the final discussion board task. Your deadline is the end of the month that you have been registered. If you were registered in the last week of a month, then the end of the next month is your deadline. Each academic year you will be able to participate in our ILT courses from the beginning of September until the end of June. 

Note that we have aimed to make the Canvas courses as accessible as possible but that we will also be happy to provide material in alternative formats; just let us know what you need.


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