HEFi Open Classroom (ILT010)

Suitable for: anyone involved in teaching and/or supporting learning. This includes PGTAs, early-career academics, colleagues from professional services and optional professional development


This course will offer a space for anyone currently involved in direct teaching and/or supporting learning with students the chance to observe each other’s teaching practice in a safe, developmental space, and to be able to reflect on the impact of this on their professional development. 

Learning Outcomes

  • understand the benefits and challenges of peer observation 
  • identify areas of learning as a result of observing your colleague’s teaching and/or supporting learning practice 
  • discuss the relevance of any observed teaching techniques and their application to your own teaching practice  
  • reflect on areas of future personal and professional development as a result of the feedback received from your peer 

What participants have told us:

'My favourite part was…“Seeing - and enjoying! - a new discipline and a different teaching style, with different tools and different preoccupations'. (Anonymous, 2021) 

Format and Requirements

Please note for those who select to 'Observe only' participation will depend on the availability of colleagues who select a reciprocal observation. We ask that if you are available to, and are teaching during the term you select, to choose a reciprocal observation.

This course is facilitated via Canvas and is primarily participant-led. You are required to spend up to three hours working through this course, which includes an observation of your own and a peers teaching practice. HEFi will facilitate the pairing of colleagues, but after this it will be the participant's responsibility to contact their peers to organise observations of practice. Your participation will only be registered after you completed the course, and you have actively contributed to the reflective activity at the end. Your deadline is the end of the month that you have been registered. Your deadline will be at the end of the respective time you apply to take part in.

Here are the term dates for this academic year: 

  • Applications for Term 2 (2023.24 academic year) – between 20th November and 1st December 2023

  • Observations to be conducted and course to be completed by 22nd March 2024

Note that we have aimed to make the Canvas courses as accessible as possible but that we will also be happy to provide material in alternative formats; just let us know what you need. 


Future dates to be confirmed.


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